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Opera libretto 

Ancstral Debts

Bury Me Home


Musical libretto 

Turning Tables (Short Musicals) (2017)



  1. My life's canvas
  2. My Heart is dismayed inside of me
  3. In the midst of dawn
  4. The ghost of you
  5. Green eyes of spring
  6. Tears of a broken heart
  7. sous le ciel bleu de nanterre
  8. Lamentatio Amoris
  9. Moriatur ut nascatur
  10. My Soldier 
  11. Letter to my Ex 
  12. To Live or Not To Live 
  13. The Light at the end of the Tunnel 
  14. A prayer of hope
  15. Somewhere out there


My Life's Canvas


In the gallery of existence, my life's canvas spread,

Brushstrokes of others, a tapestry they've led.

Artists around me, each with a stroke,

Painting narratives, words they invoke.

They defined me.

Bold strokes of expectations, colors of desire,

From brushes that dance in other’s hand,

A masterpiece in progress, yet a story unseen,

Hidden secrets within my canvas, a tale grand.

Yet they don’t know me.

Brushstrokes reflect hopes and fears,

Painting a journey through the passing years.

With brushes in my hand, I try to paint. 

Yet, my hand trembles, fear of disappointment

But why do I care so much?

A silent symphony of wishes untold,

A canvas unfolds, stories unfold.

Each stroke, a whisper of my heart's quiet plea,

Afraid my canvas won't reflect the truest me.

But who am I?

Colors swirl, a dance of emotions within,

Hesitation echoes, a timid origin.

For in imperfection, beauty finds its place,

A masterpiece born from vulnerability's grace.

No, no, no, I’m not afraid (crying and shaking)

I'll paint with courage, with colors bold,

Craft my own story, as the tale is told.

For in this canvas, uniquely mine,

I reclaim the strokes, each curve, each line.

Because I AM. (Brave)

By Kervy Delcy

The Ghost of You


I am governed by an angry star,

Every time I think of you.                                                                                                                  

I cry, I smile, and I cry again,

Chasing the ghost of you.


we used to watch the sky together,

sitting under the clear weather.

now in vacant chairs your absence remains,

And in red blood my heart is stained.


Emptiness is now the view of my sight.

Your quaint face is what memories see.

Haunted by your smell in midnight dreams.

But I opened my eyes and you’re not here.


You used to call me by your name,`

But now my own I must reclaim.

We used to sing the song of love,

But now my thoughts subdued and dull.


Simple things remind me of you.

And I see your face in stranger’s smile.

My happiness is now defiled.

Haunted by the ghost of you.



By Kervy Delcy